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A Ride on Mower is not just for the country gent or Lord of the manor who has several acres of lawn to mow. Yes of course it is for those with a large garden but it is not as much a luxury item as you may have thought.

The key is of course to buy a ride on mower that suits your purpose, which is primarily the size of your garden. If you have less than an acre of lawn, you will only need a small mower, which of course means that for a larger garden, a larger mower may be required.

In this buying guide to Ride on Mowers, we look at the various options you have when buying a petrol driven lawn mower, and also help to identify the best places to buy them from.

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Ride on Mower Buying Guide

Size of Garden

One of the first considerations is the size and shape of the cutting area, whether this be a garden, grass verge or field. Buying the widest cutter may not be the most practical option if your mower needs to cut around intricate areas like gates, kerbs and trees.

Most Ride on Mowers have a cutting width of approx 25 to 32 inches with larger lawn tractors being slightly wider at 32 to 50 inches.

Grass Collectors

Ride on Mower grass collection units are usually found at the rear of the mower. Some mowers also have other options such as a mulcher that allows you to spray a fine layer of freshly cut grass across the cutting area.

Ride on Mowers Buying Considerations

Here’s a quick checklist of some of the features you may want to consider when buying your ride on mower:

  • Is the ignition electric or manual?
  • How many gears does the mower have?
  • Is there a reverse gear?
  • How big is the engine?
  • Do you really need an engine that big?
  • How easy is it to steer, especially in small spaces?
  • Is the seat comfortable?
  • Have you got somewhere to store the mower or do you need to buy a cover?
  • Have you got adequate insurance for your new ride on mower? Is it covered on your home contents insurance?
  • Do you require single or twin blades?
  • How many cutting heights does the mower have and is this what you require?
  • How wide is the cutter? Will the mower fit through all your narrow spaces, including gates and paths? Will you be able to store it at this width?
  • Does the mower have both hand and foot operation?
  • Is the mower eco-friendly?
  • What is the fuel consumption like?

Cheap Ride on Mower

Cheap is of course a reletive statement. Ride on Mowers are not cheap when compared to a standard petrol mower. However, a ride on mower will save you considerable time when compared to the significant number of hours it will take to cut a one acre lawn using a petrol mower by hand. Have a look at the following range of Ride on Mowers to see the best prices we could find online, they also offer Free Delivery.

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What is a Lawn Tractor?

There are various terms used when talking about Ride on Mowers, such as, Lawn Tractors, Ride on Tractors and Garden Tractors. They are fundamentally the same thing. A Lawn Tractor is generally used to describe a larger ride on mower which is capable of cutting areas of more than an acre.

Garden Tractors also tend to have larger capacities, larger grass collectors, larger engines, more gears and are generally bigger. If you have a large space to mow then these are the machines for you.

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Where to Buy Ride on Mowers

There are, as you perhaps would expect, various places where you can buy Ride on Mowers. The following are by far the best places to buy these mowers online. If you are still in the research stage, our advice would be to visit your local garden centre to find the mower you want – using the above advice of course – and then come back here (you may want to bookmark this page) and click on one of the following links. Why? Well, the prices at the following stores are the cheapest Ride on Mowers you can find in the UK.

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