Polycom SoundStation 2

Polycom SoundStation 2

Polycom SoundStation 2 Basic Review

The first and cheapest of the Polycom conference phone range is the Polycom SoundStation 2 Basic. Ideal for small and medium conferences of up to 10 users, the phone produces crystal clear voice quality that is at a par with more advanced models.

The SoundStation 2 Basic utilises Polycom’s highly praised acoustic clarity technology and produces conversations that are exceptionally audible as well as allowing more than one participant to communicate at the same time. The dual communication process is a feature that is available due to full-duplex technology which also ensures that communication is clear and uninterrupted.

With advanced Dynamic Noise Reduction – DNR – background noise is kept to a bare minimum and the SoundStation 2 Basic can be used in noisier places. Clever microphone mixing means only the microphone closest to the speaker picks up the individual’s voice, which greatly enhances voice clarity and makes conferencing a lot more practical. The very sensitive microphones also have 360-degree room coverage for up to 10 feet, ensuring no caller is left out by picking up and delivering sound to all four corners of the room.

Designed to sit securely on office desks, the Polycom SoundStation 2 Basic will easily blend in with other office equipment and furniture. The conference phone has keys and buttons that are very easy to operate and moreover, it conveniently plugs into any power source and analogue phone line. Featuring an integrated keypad with mute and flash keys, the SoundStation 2 Basic also comes equipped with mobile phone connectivity through an optional cable. Optional extension microphones make it possible to widen the area of coverage when using it for larger conferences or in bigger rooms.

The SoundStation 2 Basic is fitted with digital speakers and echo cancellation technology which will come in handy in reducing distractions, whilst producing ultimate phone voice quality.

Polycom SoundStation 2 Review

The Polycom SoundStation 2 audio conference phone is an improvement on the SoundStation 2 Basic and slightly more expensive. Also utilising Polycom’s award winning technology such as acoustic clarity and full-duplex, it delivers simultaneous crystal clear conversation for up to ten feet. In addition, Polycom SoundStation2 features a large backlit display that offers easily visible call information and telephone functions.

Polycom SoundStation 2 enables user selectable ring tones as well as a configurable soft key for easy dialling of voice conferencing services. More so, the conference phone supports different languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Norwegian.

With added security benefits, administrators have the rights to password protection configuration settings.

Add traditional telephone features like redial, mute, transfer and hold, and the conference phone becomes just as familiar as the average office phone. In addition, the applications port allows connection of the SoundStation2 to mobile phones for productive conference calls over mobile phone networks, and to computers for making calls over the Internet. However, the current range of Polycom conference phones do not currently have Bluetooth functionality. For that, you’ll have to look at the Konftel range of conference phones.

Unlike the SoundStation2 Basic, the SoundStation2 Expandable – note difference from SoundStation2 – has electronics and jacks which support additional microphones, catering for a larger room and accommodating up to 20 participants.

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