Moneysupermarket Launches UK First Car Insurance Comparison App

Price comparison website MoneySupermarket has launched the first car insurance comparison app which is available to all iPod touch, iPad and iPhone owners within the UK.

The app compares prices available through over 100 car insurance companies in order to find the cheapest possible quotes available to motorists. MoneySupermarket believes that heralding this as the beginning of the new era for price comparison websites, with developing mobile phone technologies allowing frugal consumers to compare prices quickly in any place, at any time. It is believed that many of the company’s rivals will follow suite and launch similar apps in the coming months.

It has been developed in association with MIG (Mobile Interactive Group) who has previously worked on apps for major companies such as Vodafone, Walkers, 02 and Sky. MIG’s David Balko commented: “The app utilises all of the Apple functionality, combines great designs and has grouped key customer questions together into groups, to turn what was once a complicated solution into something that is simple, easy and effective for all MoneySupermarket customers to use.”

You can download the car insurance app from free either from the website or from iTunes. Once it has been added to your apple device, users must then create a account in the event that they do not already have one. This will require users to input information about themselves such as their age, gender, occupation and the area in which they live; all factors that will impact upon the quotes that insurer’s are willing to offer. Users will then not have to input this information again, saving them both time and effort when ever they decide to seek out a car insurance quote.

Retrieving information about prospective vehicles has also never been easier, with users simply needing to take a photograph of a vehicle registration plate. The app will then access information that is stored in association with that registration number on the DVLA database; retrieving the information such as the make and model of the vehicle, all of which is required in order for quotes to be calculated.

Once these two sets of information have been retrieved, the car insurance quotes which are available through the 100 insurers who are featured on the comparison service will displayed on screen. Each of these will have a click to call button located alongside them; making it easier for users to contact insurers in order to make enquiries about specific details of the policy or even arrange for the cover to be put in place. The company believes that this will make the insurance buying process easier, faster and also cheaper.

You will also be able to compare the quotes which are available to you on various different vehicles, with the app storing multiple car insurance searches for future reference; an important innovation at a time when vehicle choice has such a significant impact on the premiums that will be offered.’s Julie Fisher believes that this signals the beginning of a new era for the insurance industry: “The launch of our App is a real leap forward in the industry and means our customers can make big savings on their car insurance in just a few minutes”

“We hope that by having a great car insurance buying experience over a smartphone for our customers, the industry will soon follow our lead and optimise their sites to support those who want to buy their car cover while they’re on the move.”