Mobile Phone Insurance

For many people a mobile phone is more than a means of communicating with others. It acts as an address book, storing names, contact numbers and other vital information, as well as holding precious photo images, sentimental text messages, emails, tunes and much more.

We all know how frustrating it is when we mislay our mobile phone for only a few hours, but imagine how it would feel to lose it for ever, be it through theft, damage or loss. All that information that is so important to our working and social lives on a daily basis could be gone for good. Then there is the additional expense of having to replace the mobile phone and this can be a costly experience. Each year over 2 million mobile phones are stolen and over 4 million are damaged.

There is a great choice of mobile phone insurance on offer at the moment. Most policies include cover for theft from premises or secure vehicles, both attended and unattended. In addition loss, damage including water damage, and fraudulent calls are also covered. 48 hour replacement on lost or stolen mobile phones is available, and policies cover both Pay As You Go and contract phones.

Shopping around for a good insurance deal is easy, particularly online, and you can easily find deals that offer 12 months cover for the price of 9 months. In addition, a 60 day international cover may be included, and this is excellent if you plan to take your mobile phone abroad on a business or holiday trip. There is usually no minimum term contract to tie you up, and there may be an extended warranty offered of up to 5 years. You could even find a policy that includes a no claims bonus, and some policies offer a free battery or handset upgrade after a specified period of time.

Cheap Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile phone insurance policies start at just a few pound per month. You may be offered insurance cover when you purchase a mobile phone or begin a new contract, but this may not be the best deal on the market, and it often pays to do a bit of research yourself.

Loss and water damage are the two main reasons why people have to replace their mobile phones. It is all too easy to leave your phone in a pocket and then find that it has ended up in the washing machine, or you could drop it into the toilet, the washing up bowl or even into your drink.

It is also easy to put your mobile phone down on a restaurant table and forget about it, leave it on the train or bus or simply have it fall out of your coat pocket unnoticed. When taking out a mobile phone insurance policy, check that it is underwritten by an established insurance company. With a few minutes research online you can find yourself a good deal that suits your needs