iPhone 5

In the olden days there was this thing called an iPhone 3, yes, I know, a 3, how quaint. Then they introduced the iPhone 3GS before some bright spark came up with the unique name of iPhone 4. Hmm. So, it boads well for the anticipated new iPhone being named, go on, have a guess, yes, the iPhone 5, clever you.

The iPhone 4 is here, and despite some well-publicised problems, it’s a huge success. The same can also be said of the iOS 4 operating system, which provides great new features, both on the iPhone 4 and when installed on to an older iPhone 3GS. We’d recommend that owners of an iPhone 3G should perhaps steer clear, unless they want what we can only described as a sub standard experience. Actually, we could describe it differently but there’d be a lot of swearing involved.

So what comes after the iPhone 4, yes we know its the iPhone 5 but what does that mean? Probably the iOS 5 and faster processor speed. So what else do you want? Here’s our list, feel free to leave a comment on your views.

iPhone 5


Whatever the truth behind the much publicised iPhone 4 reception issues, the iPhone 5 has got to be free of such media attention. The so-called, hold it in your right hand, advice was not welcome to left-handed users and certainly did nothing to help sales.


Additional storage is almost a given. Each new release of any new technology, must be accommpanied by at least a 20% increase in storage capacity. So the iPhone 5 needs to deliver this as a basic item.

The iPhone 4 can shoot HD videos, which takes up a lot of space. The Retina Display screen lends itself to more detailed apps and games, which also takes up a lot of space. The iPhone 4 camera takes much larger pictures, which, takes up a lot of space!

So what of the iPhone 5. It may have a slightly better screen, but an improved camera and enhanced video recording, with no increase in the storage capacity would be a bad ide.

Battery Life

OMG. Is there anyone on the planet that does not know how bad the iPhone battery life is? The iPhone 5 must improve on this.

Better iPhone Speakers

Since the styart, iPhone speakers have been pretty pathetic. Considering the iPhone’s MP3 heritage, isn’t it strange that the iPhone has poor speakers?

HD output via HDMI

The iPhone 4 can record HD video but can’t output it – for that, you need a PC or Mac. With luck, the iPhone 5 will rectify this issue.

Biometric Security

Whilst you can lock an iPhone with the pass key, we need more security. So how about using a biometric finger or thumb print? Apple has related patents, so presumably we’re waiting for affordable technology to catch up—and perhaps it will when iPhone 5 and iOS 5 arrive. Afterall, its on the laptop I’m using to write this.