Garmin Zumo 660 GPS Sat Nav

This is a sat nav system that is specifically designed for use by motorcyclists, with their requirements taken into account throughout. It is worth bearing in mind that whilst this is motorcycle friendly, it is in no way limited to use on two wheels and the Garmin Zumo 660 will be just as useful when used in a car, on a bicycle or indeed on foot.

With a large 4.3 inch display the Zumo 660 is easy to use in any lighting conditions and the touch screen interface is simple to get to grips with. Garmin has even thought about the fact that most motorcyclists wear gloves whilst riding and as such the 660 will work even when your fingers are encumbered by protective hand-wear.

On top of the ease of use, the Zumo 660 comes with a completely waterproof design which will also resist the effects of any other motoring-related fluids such as fuel. This makes the whole device extremely durable and more than able to withstand the stresses a typical motorcycle journey will inflict on it.

As with all Garmin sat navs, the Zumo 660 has street level mapping which can be expanded to suit your needs. 3D views of buildings and junctions to help with confusing road layouts are also included, as is a fuel gauge.