BT Synergy

The BT Synergy range of cordless phones currently include the Synergy 5500, 5100, 4500, 4100 and 4000, with the 5500 taking over from the 4500.

BT Synergy 5500 and 5100

The BT Synergy 5500 cordless phone identical features to the BT Synergy 5100 Dect phone but with the addition of a digital answering machine. Compatible with standard BT phone lines, the Synergy 5500 cordless phone is ideal for home use or in a small office using analogue extensions.

As mentioned above, the BT Synergy 5500 replaces the BT Synergy 4500. The 5500 answering machine has a 12 minute digital recording time which should be sufficient for most people. Playback is straight forward and is done using the handset or the Synergy base station.

The 5500 has storage for 250 names and numbers, which can be input manually or using the sim card reader. On screen navigation is easy with the bright blue LCD screen.

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BT Synergy 6500

New for 2010 is the BT Synergy 6500. More info to follow.

BT Synergy 4500

The BT Synergy 4500 DECT – Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication -cordless phone and answering machine system, offers clear reception at a range of up to 150′, from a base station. The BT Synergy 4500 includes SMS text messaging capability and a SIM card reader. A choice of polyphonic ring tones is available, and up to 255 names and numbers can be stored in a telephone directory, for easy retrieval and dialling. The LCD is backlit, for easy visibility, and the handset includes speaker phone capability. Talk time of 10 hours – up to 100 hours standby time – allows you not only to conveniently make and receive calls, but also to listen to answering machine messages, away from the base station. The BT Synergy 4500 also includes call waiting and call timer features, and is PBX – Private Branch Exchange – compatible.

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BT Synergy 3500

The BT Synergy 3500 is a fully DECT compatible cordless digital phone, again incorporating and answering machine. The answering machine is capable of recording of up to 12 minutes of incoming messages, in total, and two voice mail greeting messages can be recorded. The handset LCD indicates the number you have dialled, for outgoing calls, the name and/or telephone number of the caller, for incoming calls – if caller display from your network provider is enabled – and the status of the handset.

The BT Synergy 3500 is a capable of storing up to 50 entries in its telephone directory, and 20 entries in its calls list. Scrolling through the directory, calls list, etc. is straightforward, via buttons on the handset, and the volumes of the handset earpiece, handset ringer and base station ringer can all be adjusted independently.

BT Synergy 3200

The BT Synergy 3200 features a large, 8-line LCD display and supports SMS text messaging, predictive text and standard text – as you might expect in a modern digital cordless phone. The BT Synergy 3200 handset can be operated singly, or up to 5 additional handsets can be operated at various locations around your home, without the need for additional telephone wiring. Full hands free functionality is also supported, and an audible warning sound – accompanied by a flashing icon on the handset display – if you move out of range of a base station. The range varies between up to 150′ from a base station indoors to up to 1000′ outdoors, although these measurements refer to so-called “open field” conditions, and may be reduced by intervening walls, ceilings, etc.

Up to 40 names and telephone numbers can be stored, and internal calls can be made between handsets. The BT Synergy 3200 also allows the ringer tone, and volume, to be adjusted according to your own personal preference, and handsets can be locked, via a digital security code, to prevent unwanted, or unauthorised, use of the phone.

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