A few weeks ago, I wrote this article on Yesterday, I came across another auction site, this one is a penny auction site called

Biddi works in a completely different way to Dibbing. I like Dibbing, I do not like Biddi.

Let’s start by explaining how Biddi works. First, as always, you find a product you like. Once you’ve registered and bought your bids, you can place a bid on that chosen product. If you are the highest bidder when the auction timer reaches zero, you are the winner.

However, like most auctions, including eBay, the activity increases as the auction nears its closing time. Unlike eBay, however, Biddi extends the auction by 45 secs everytime someone places a bid. Each bid costs 50p and will increase the price of the item by 1p – hence the penny auction.

The site itself looks good and there are some nice features, its the integrity I’m coming on to questioning. Here’s a live example of why I have some reservations about Biddi.

Yesterday I watched an auction for an Apple iPad 16GB. The auction was due to close at around 4.45pm but as people were still bidding on it at that time, the auction was extended by 45 secs everytime someone bid. The auction actually ended at 11.34pm.

What this means, if we are to believe that there is no system driving this auction artificially or that staff are not manually driving the bids up, is that people were bidding on this item for 7 hrs solid.

Seven hours? I’m sorry but I simply do not believe that there were that many people bidding on that item for that long.

The final sale price was £27.74 which if true, and the item is actually delivered (more on that shortly), then 2,774 bids were made – the vast majority in those last 7 hrs.

The maths of this are quite interesting. At £27.74 there were 2,774 bids (each one at a penny), which at 50p per bid means Biddi made £1,387 gross profit. Take the cost of the item off that and they are left with at least £950 net profit.

Deliver is £9.99 which means they will make quite a bit of profit on that too. Dibbing charge £4.99 delivery in comparison, which I can live with.

Check out the Facebook discussion board. Someone won an iPad several weeks ago and has yet to recieve it. Hmm.

We’d like to hear your views and experiences on Add your comments below.

Background on

The company behind is KSB Trading Ltd, who’s registered offices are at 90 Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1AU .. just in case your item doesn’t arrive.

Google them for more info.

* * Update * * * Update * * * Update * * * Update * * * Update * * * Update * * * Update * * * Update * * has Shut Down

Quick update from the website. Dated 24th January 2012, the above message is posted on their home page and confirms what we all feared, that the website has shut down. The full message reads;





Whilst they state that “email support” will be available during this time, they don’t actually publish an email address, typical.

Many people will be out-of-pocket, following the closure of the website. So what can you do?

  • Contact your Credit Card company and register a complaint.
  • Read this useful guide – Your rights when paying by credit card – for more information, as you may be entitled to your money back via your credit card company
  • Contact PayPal and register a complaint – must be done within 43 days
  • Contact the Trading Standards Institute to make a complaint
  • Contact the Police if you feel a crime has been committed
  • Read this useful guide on Company Administration
  • Claim through the Small Claims Courts
  • Visit them at their offices – 90 Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1AU

The official offices of are in the centre of Birmingham, at 90 Broad Street. However, the address registered at Company House for the parent company, KSB Trading Ltd is actually 95 Broad Street, Birmingham. Follow this link for more info on KSB Trading Ltd.

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Please use the Comments facility on this page to keep others informed on what you’ve done, what you’ve heard (if anything) from Biddi, and what successes you have with regard to getting your goods or money back.


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  1. Stparker says:

    I used biddi last weekend and was overwhelmed by the prices. Sceptical for sure, but some friends of mine have won on the website one bagged a Sony PS3 for just 99p.

  2. Web Mason says:

    Wasted my money on this, don’t bother, it seems a scam.

  3. Daniel Simpson says:

    Not such a con, I have spend quite a bit on bids but won a number of auctions in return. Awaiting delivery and once I receive the items I will post back wether genuine or not!

  4. Daniel Simpson says:

    Received a Brand New Blackberry Bold 9700 this morning in the post this morning so can confirm that the site is all good! It cost me £40 in bids, then £11 approx to buy and £12 approx to deliver.


  5. ohhh_blush says:

    ahhhhhh!!! i won a ipad- i wasnt sure, its been delivered! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!

  6. Mk205 says:

    I won a Phillips electric toothbrush last week for 28p. Not bad even with the delivery charge.

    It even arrived with 10 days!

    The box however was in French, German and Dutch, so it was a European model, but it even came with a UK 3 pin adapter plug.

    It works. I have to admit to being sceptical, but I may have been proved wrong.

  7. Biggie says:

    I was a little dubious but can happily confirm that I won a toshiba video camera which arrived swiftly, was packaged well and was brand new and in perfect working order!

    I have since won a tv and a canon camera and am waiting to receive them and will come back and comment when I receive them (although based on the camcorder, I’m not expecting any issues)

    I did actually sit for over an hour bidding on one of the items – the risk of course is not winning but you have to be clever with when and how you bid – and it adds to the fun!

    Thumbs up for from me :-)

  8. tom volts says:

    It is a scam..

    obviously they have people on wages bidding on items all the time,
    do not fall for the fake comments below, those are from the owners!

  9. tilo says:

    I don’t think its real at all. I’ve spent hours on there bidding but only to be out bid by a mystery bidder at the crucial time .. and always late at night.

    I’ve wasted a fortune. I really don’t believe the other comments on here.

  10. tilly says:

    i know of one person who had spent over £100 bidding on an auction until the early hours and with seconds left in the auction got an error message saying sorry auction was unavailable when it refreshed it was closed his cash was done…………. :( how many of the items are actually won by biddi themselves, needs more transparency for me.

  11. John J says:

    Do not believe the above comments, it is a scam all the gadgets are won by biddi staff themselves. I
    I lost loads of money there, so please do not do it. see below

    I will give you a real example, last Friday there was an auction on Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1 camera:
    it has been sold for £13.26 and the mystery winner “biker” who is bidding through the whole process.
    To calculate how much biker “pay” for the bidding: will divide £13.25 by 2 it will give £6.625 lets assume that £0.625 has been by another bidders so biker bidding alone was of £6 from the price

    so “biker” with very low estimation (as calculated above) has placed 600 bids (each bid increase the product price by 1p but it costs 50p) which will cost him 600 x 0.50 = staggering £300

    so who will pay £300 to get a camera with RRP of £260!!! this is clearly demonstrate that biker is not a normal user but a biddi staff who got unlimited bidding. so they keep bidding until all other users has been drained up. and the example posted by gadget in the blog above show clearly how the draining works.

    I added the auction link here as a proof: www

    This is the other usernames used by biddi staff: alan.nicol, jigsaw, crypton … and of course they keep changing, and normally they have from 3-5 of their staff bidding at any time, to show that there are a lot of users.

  12. Daniel Simpson says:

    Totally disagree, I have won a number of items and all have been delievered and sold on ebay. If you are interested in any of the items goig through find me on ebay (AdyB) and look at my items. All auctions won on biddi have usually been listed on ebay and check my feedback for the lsited items.

    To be honest I would rather none of you went on biddi as the more people there are the less chance there is of me winning, however I dont agree with you saying its fake when its clearly not.

  13. Daniel Simpson says:

    Oh and John J You are totally off the mark, the chances of ‘biker’ entering 600 bids is extremely slim, what about other people? Are you saying it was just him and someone else? I think not!

  14. John J says:

    Danial Simpson I was bidding in that auction as well, so I know all the details. Actually it was “biker” from the beginning till the end against all other bidders, whom of course falling out one after another when they run out of cash (bids).

    How we will know that your story is true? can you provide your username on biddi and the auctions numbers that you won. May be you are just advertising your ebay shop, or biddi website.

    If your story is true, can you tell us how much do you spend on purchasing the bids, and how many bids do you place in each auction?

  15. Victoria Ross says:

    Just thought I would chip in and say I have won a camera on Biddi for just over £2 and delivery brought it up to about £12. I did get it but I have also spent a lot of money since then and won nothing. I will try again but if I don’t win after that I will NOT play again. My user name is just VIKKI so you can go on and see what I won but it was a while ago.

  16. Daniel Simpson says:

    My user name on Biddi is Simpson3363. The auction you were taking about I was bidding on at the beggining but gave it up as it was a popular one. Biker was bidding on the item but there were at least another 6 serious bidders so ‘biker’ wont have had to bid every time. I would estimate he used about 350 – 400 bids, which when you think about it including free bids may have cost him about £150. Still not a bad profit

    I usually buy 190 bids at £75 but have am currently saving my paypal money to buy 650 bids for £250 so I can go for the more expensive items.

    Bidding just depends on the amount of people who are interested, the average auction I would say probably has around 10 people bidding on it, but out of that I would say only 2 or 3 were serious bidders, the other ones will be the ones who Biddi make there money from.

    I only buy items on Biddi to sell, so therefore there is an element of risk so I usually go for items that I cant lose on. i.e. if the RRP is £200 and they sell for £200 on ebay I may put in 200 bids. The likelihood is I will win, but if I dont I know i can ‘buy it now’ for the RRP (what I have spent on bids comes off the price so buy it now would be £100) so I am only likely to lose a little bit (postage, ebay fees etc), therefore cant really lose!

    If people want to look and see the items I have won recently, make me an offer, there more than likely listed on ebay anyway!

  17. WR says:

    I’m not sure what to believe? It all seems a bit unclear. I started bidding but then I realised the trick, the bidding goes on for hours and many people will lose a lottt of pounds. The other thing they do is that they do not allow bidders any refunds on bids that they’ve bought (if they’ve changed their minds). Because the company sees that SOONER OR LATER the CUSTOMER is going to REALISE WHATS GOING ON. So they get them while they can. I’d advise people to AVOID this site.

  18. SHAUN says:


  19. gadget says:

    @Shaun: Whilst I have published your comment, in hindsight & fairness, I will be removing it shortly unless you can substantiate your claim.

    I have tried to provide visibility for everyone on those comments that add value but will not be publishing any comments that do not add to the value of this discussion.

  20. tilly says:

    simple just ask simpson if he owns or works for them……………..?????

  21. Daniel Simpson says:

    No I do not! Think about it, if SHAUN would have bothered to do his research he could have checked that everything I have said is genuine. I have given my ebay name and my biddi name and you can tell from my ebay feedback that all the items I have sold have come from Biddi, even the ones listed now, and if he would have bothered to check he would see I live in Leeds not Birmingham!

  22. gadget says:

    To support Daniel’s location claim, his IP Address is a Leeds geo-location.

  23. tilly says:

    just an update on my own reservations on the site, i have posted about my mate who had a bad experience in one auction, just spoke to him this morning and he had won an auction and his parcel had just arrived (camcorder or camera) i think he said. so maybe it is better than i thought………..

  24. grace says:

    Interesting, i found this site the other night and the auction i watched ended gone 2 a.m. but crypton won (see nickname in other comments) Perhaps some people do win and i wonder how many win something when first registering then get hooked and rarely win again?

    The concept must be obvious…if you ran this site you would use alts to bid up until your cost price was covered. The average cost price in retail is price less VAT divide by 2 those buying in bulk can reduce the cost price even further.

    Frankly i can think of less stressful and time consuming ways that trying to win on Biddi and failure still costing you then trying to sell on ebay!

    Whoever designed the site must of spent their youth in fairground archades where you drop coins into a machine in hope a pile builds up and drops down into your hopper, you know one more coin will do it…but it doesn’t…then another…finally the satisfaction of a few probably win less than your stake but if you can leave you feel a winner…think about it.

  25. Pippo says:

    Hi all, I recently tried Biddi and I did notice the recurrence of some IDs.
    I have monitored and bid on about 4 auctions, so far. I suspect that fake bidders or even robots are indeed at work to ensure the profit. Maybe, if genuine bidders provide enough returns ok , but when there is a genuine bidder who is at risk of winning before enough profit has been made on the item then the robots kick in. Maybe they let some items go just so that the tale lives but the transparency of the whole thing is questionable and it smells fishy. I find interesting that when I have found 2 names in the board of directors, then the same 2 names where also in several other companies. I wonder what their tax declaration is like.

  26. alan.nicol says:

    Being an avid user of Biddi I find it interesting reading all the comments made by various people about biddi. Is it genuine or is it not……………….. Well I can tell you that it’s very real and although delivery for your item can take up to 4 weeks (which they do state in their T+C’s) they always arrive. The interesting thing that people seem to forget is that the more bids you buy the cheaper they cost. The more you buy the more free bids then give you. Buying a £10 bundle gives you 20 bids at a cost of 50p/bid. If you buy a £500 bundle you get your 1000 bids plus 400 free bids. This means your bids only cost you 36p/bid.

    You may be wondering why I’m writting on this thread………. well I was telling a guy from work about the site. He was sceptical so decided to do some reasearch and found this thread and started laughing and then sent me this link congratulating me on becoming famous on the WWW. lol. I’ve introduced a few people to the site who have won items and are happy with what they won. And how did I find out about the site………….. someone who won something told be about it!!!!

  27. Paul Miller says:

    I too have concerns over I found the site quite by accident and thought that I would take a chance and bid on an item I was thiking of getting for my partner for Xmas. I purchased some bids, and began bidding. The auction was taking place in the early hours of the morning, and there was no-one actually bidding on the item at the time. I therefore waited until the last moment to place a bid, and to my surprise extra time was added. The placing of my initial bid seemed to start a bidding frenzy, including a bidder called ‘crypton’. We battled it out until i decided with the cost of the bids i should bid no further or the savings would hardly be worth it once p&p were added and i might just as well go out and get the item from the shop in person.

    A few nights later, the same item was on offer again, and again the bidding was low and apparently not moving. Again, i left my bid to the last second in the hope that the other bidder was distracted and I might sneak through a win. Again, my bid started a bidding frenzy including ‘crypton’ who was placing multiple bids in quick succession pushing up the price when he was the only one bidding. Again I gave up. I then spent a couple of nights watching the site and found that a core of people seem to bid on every single item that has not reach a certain level within the auction. Indeed ‘crypton’ must have spent a small fortune on bids (that is if he is a genuine bidder and not a member of staff and never, as far as i have seen won anything).

    I contacted Biddi through their ‘contact us’ button and explained what I believed was happening on their site and asked them to refund me the outstanding cost of my unused bids and cancel my account. Not surprisingly, I received no reply.

    So, tonight (01.56) I logged on with the intention of using up my last 8 bids as I knew I would not get my money back. I watched a lot for over 4 hours. It had an existing bid of 6p on it; this did not change until 4 seconds before the end of the auction when I placed a bid, and surprise (NOT) a small bidding frenzy ensued including bids from ‘crypton’ with 1 remaining bid in my account and a highest bid of 23p, i waited for the last second to appear on the clock and pressed BID – my bid was not counted and the person who had the original bid of 6p won the lot, and I’m stuck with 1 remaining bid in the bank.

    This I think is a deliberate ploy to try and entice me back onto the site see the goods, see the fantastic low prices and buy some more bids and try my luck again. Bad luck Biddi I won’t be back, not even to spend that last bid.

    If anybody can give me an address where i can contact KSB Trading Ltd UK, the company behind Biddi I would be most greatful. I tried finding it on the internet, but each link just takes you to another site where they are affiliated with, or claim to be affiliated with other companies, all the sites are designed to sell you things.

    I now have my sights on, with whom I also tried to cancel, but instead of acknowledging my complaint, i received a text, which I had declined to receive from them when signing up offering to give me back any bids that I purchased and used over the Saturday and Sunday if I failed to win an auction.


  28. gadget says:

    @Paul. The contact address supplied on the Biddi website is K S B Trading Ltd, 95 Broad Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 1AU.

  29. tilly says:

    alan.nicol thank you for posting about your findings on biddi, as you will have read on here some think you are a “robot bidder” ie a member of staff bidding up items to take bids from punters other names mentioned include “crypton” etc etc… even simpson was accused of owning the site. i watch some of the auctions as my friend bids on the site and to be honest i have seen some strange happenings. take for example a new member who can cancel out anothers bid buddy without placing one extra bid…………this would be very hard to do once let alone 5 times on the bounce……..because how could they know how many were placed and used, sorry users name is “love2″. just to give you an example my friend told me he was going to try and win an apple iphone 4 and had purchased 650 bids for i think £250, he was watching the auction going along on single bids when he placed a bid buddy for over 100 bids, he never uses round numbers of 50 or 100 etc.. well after a while only 1 or two others were seriously bidding against then bang “love 2″ had bid the exact amount he had left and not one extra. so he waited a while palced another bid buddy for an unusual number and bang again all gone and love 2 had not used one extra bid again, we both watched again as it happened to another user. surely the only people who know how many bids are placed in a bid buddy are “biddi”.

    now dont get me wrong people do win items and they do get delivered my friend has now won 3 auctions to date and when you add up what he has won against what he has spent on bids he is saving almost 30% on cost price. my own observations and the reason i dont bid is that the same names are always there until an item has reached profit price then drop away, are they all looking for a super bargain or am i just being paranoid.

    looking back on the ended auctions the name “alan.nicol” has definately been successful so would you be able to give advice to my friend alan…………….other than dont bid against you……….:)


  30. jcktang says:

    Some of these comments are laughable. After reading Paul Miller’s post I couldn’t stop myself from posting something of my own. Paul Miller does not understand the concept of bidding on It’s not about being the highest bidder, it’s about being the last bidder. The timer goes up by 30seconds and the price of the item goes up by 1p everytime a new bid is placed, so ofcourse people are going to wait til the last second to bid. Does he really think that he will be the only person waiting til the last second? Paul’s last second bid did not trigger off a bidding frenzy, the fact that bidding on the item was about to end triggered the frenzy. I have won numerous items on this website and it’s because of bidders like Paul which enable us to win, the bidders who give up after they’ve spent like 10-20 bids on an item. The website allows you to buy the item minus the cost of the bids you’ve placed. For example, if you have an item worth £100, you can spend 200bids on it (at 50p per bid) and if you have not won the bid by then, you can buy it for free. Therefore, the website is giving you the opportunity to win something for a lot cheaper than the market price, but in the worst case scenario you will end up paying full price for it, but no more. To be honest, I’m glad people like Paul are writing to put others off using because it means less competition for me when I’m bidding, but who knows, maybe this was Paul Miller’s secret plan.

  31. tilly says:

    hello jcktang,

    i watch the site most nights and i must say some items go very cheap while some lesser items seem to go for crazy prices. i am amazed at how much people are prepared to spend just to “win” an auction. i have witnessed a member called “crypton” spending approx 70 bids to win a bid pack of 55 bids, each to their own but to me that is just crazy.

    seems to be a hardcore of bidders who are home allday with endless pots of money judging by the amount of bids they place. funny enough since my last post the 2 names i spoke about have vanished from the site…………………..i have also read on another forum that there are a lot of members waiting on items that they won……………………seems like mostly apple products……..hope this is not the start of the something.

    my mate won some auctions and this was how i first heard of the site and i must admit it makes interesting viewing some nights when the telly is crap, should also say that my mate recieved his items albeit of a lesser value than the apple stuff but he did get them in good time.

    also just hearing about crazy delivery prices on the site today………..and auction for a slanket……..thats correct a slanket………a blanket with sleeves……………item costs £39 but delivery is listed at £30………….surely this cant be right……………

  32. Danny says:

    My only advice would be to avoid their customer service is shocking…. I actually purchased a laptop in November (minus bids placed) and to this date I am still waiting.. Each time they give me a different excuse why it has not been delivered… First one was.. Oh we are out of stock sir!! But their website stated they had 50+ in stock. Next excuse was the weather.. dont get me wrong, it has been bad over the last few weeks, but delivery companies have been busting their guts to get stuff to your door…

    If biddi wasn’t soo slow with delivering stuff I would have been happy to use them.

    Anyway rant over.. Merry Christmas all.. :)

  33. Collateral says:

    Dont listen to jcktang, there are numerous penny bid sites around – swoopo, madbid, luckybidder, bidson/budson etc. There seems to be some sort of explosion of these sites (and even a quick start pack to create your own) and the main reason is because they’re so profitable. Remember that these sites are operating to make themselves a profit NOT for you to save some bucks, thats just the bait.
    Also, if what jcktang says is true it means that of the last few competeive bidders at the end (who probably spend 200-1000 bids, and more for upmarket items – think 42″ TVs, cars etc.) thats a lot of money to waste on a whole lot of nothing. The other sites I mentioned (apart from biddl) dont offer a “buy for how much you spent” policy and I was stupid enough to bid against someone non-stop. Needless to say, both s/he and I spent over £500 on something worth less than £300. When you save money, someone else pays for it and it definitely is not the site operator so USER BEWARE. Ive been stung by these sites and suffice to say I will definitely not be coming back ever.

    PS. did I mention that these sites operate internationally so there is no real ‘quiet’ time to bid (e.g. 4am) as other site users can bid from the US, Europe and probably more.

  34. gadget says:

    Biddi have just announced an interesting update to their rules;

    “As of Monday 21st February [2011], will be making some changes. – Fair use policy rules:
    1. Only one account is allowed per person.
    2. Users residing at the same address (same house number/name & postcode) are strictly, not permitted to bid on the same auction and/or bid against one another.
    3. Only 8 wins are allowed per account over a 28 day period.
    4. Only 2 wins are allowed per account per 24 hour period. ”

    Do you think this will regain people’s confidence in this site?

  35. Bill G says:

    I have been waiting since March 19 for them to deliver a camera – lots and lots of excuses. Turns out that if you pay via paypal you may only have 43 days to make a complaint and increase your chances (pun intended) to get a refund for goods not delivered. I also made a complaint to trading standards in Birmingham.

  36. c jenkins says:

    This company is an absolute JOKE who should and need to be STOPED from trading.
    I have had no end of trouble and issues with this company and have been waiting since early February for a laptop that is still to turn up. I have emailed over 50 times easily, and called numerous times. They have not even responded to 10% of my calls or emails and when they do, they just fob me off with excuses and bullsh** about the depot being behind, or laptop out of stock, and today I have been told that they have sent out a digital photo frame instead of my laptop!!!!!!!
    The customer service department, when they answer are extremely rude and continue to tell me that it is only me experiencing these kind of problems. They promise and assure me that my goods will be with me within7 days and the last 2 times took over 2 and a half months to arrive, so their 21 working day policy is rubbish.
    PLEASE dont use this company as I can assure you that you will have no end of trouble. Iam currently in the middle of making an official complaint with trading standards about them. And once my laptop arrives, (thats if it ever does) then I will be closing my account FOREVER.

  37. gadget says:

    If you pay by PayPal, and the goods do not arrive, you have upto 43 days to make a complaint .. but don’t leave it to the last minute.

    If you pay by Credit Card, and the goods do not arrive, you should contact your credit card company.

    Additionally, contact your local Trading Standards.

  38. jason says:

    I WAS going to join today, but thought I would do some research on the ‘so called’ limited company. I did a free check on the companies house website. It turned up the following

    Name & Registered Office:
    B15 1AU
    Company No. 01189891

    However when you do a google name search for the Limited company it comes back as a ‘property letting agent’ at the same address. Mmmm I’d be very careful of using this company, are they trading as a website operator or a letting agent ?. As a new website you think they would bust a gut to ensure satisfied customers.. not so on here it seems..

  39. Laura says:

    I’m glad it’s not just me then! I’ve been waiting for 4 items since the middle of March and have been fobbed off with all sorts of excuses about the depot, then when I phoned the number on their site I spoke to an extremely rude man (he’s obviously been getting lots of calls from dissatisfied customers then) who told me that the reason that none of the items had been delivered was because of the disaster in Japan, which is completely ridiculous and sick that they would use a tragedy like that for their terrible customer service.

    I’ve sent several complaints to them by email, of which all the recent ones have been completely ignored, so I have also made a complaint to Trading Standards. Just this weekend I noticed that they’d actually closed my account as well so it seems they are trying to hide evidence of wins. Too bad that I’ve got screen shots of everything in my account, my wins and video captures of auctions I won!

  40. gadget says:

    @Laura, keeping screen shots of what you’ve won and also copies of emails etc is a very good idea.

  41. leon says:

    sorry yes has i have recieved nothing yet and its been nealy 4 weeks thanks

  42. Dan says:

    Well I have an update on Biddi, seems to me the site has now declined somewhat. Used to use a lot previously but recently gone back and delivery is now taking AT LEAST 8 weeks to get items. Absolute joke, lets just say once all my items have come I wont be using again!

  43. Diane says:

    I won and paid for an auction on the 7th of June and even though I have spoken to the customer services on anumber of occasions I still have not received the product over 2 months later!

  44. Dan says:

    Agree with Diane now, the site used to be reliable but I think they have now got comfortable with a regular stream of customers therefore have no need to provide a good service. A bit of a poor effort really. The other side of the coin is the longer it takes for them to send you items the better cash flow they will have.

    It does worry me that items are not being received as this makes me think it could be going down the pan……… No cash to buy goods = listing more auctions to get cash = liquidation!!!!!

  45. Dan says:

    Most of goods finally arrived!!!

  46. craig says:

    If you want to know if biddi is genuine, search for yourself the address is listed above, you will find loads of business listed from this address also number 90 and 95 is owned by the same person. search for your self the bad ones i found owned by the same person is b4utel and b4u direct.

    AND PLEASE GADGET BEFORE YOU DELETE MY RANT PLEASE LOOK FOR YOURSELF takes a little finding but b4utel was done for a sms scam and fined £50,000 and banned from keeping premium number svs you will allso find that the b4utel is tradmark of ksb trading ltd owned by a mr ravinda banga, same for the b4udirect an electrical sales site with loads of poor reviews that goods dont get sent owned by the same man.

    im out of pocket from biddi with a real sour taste, ive done my home work and my opinion is that its a big scam i guess that its too late if your reading this because like me your out of pocket looking for others in the same boat.

    TRADING STANDARDS ARE GETTING ALL THE INFORMATION THAT I HAVE DUG UP i would sak that anyone scammed do the same and contact trading standards

  47. highest bidder says:

    Biddi seems a little bit like the arcade game ‘claw crane’ where you keep having another go and in the end either you will have paid the full retail price of the teddy bear with all your goes (biddi bids) or you get lucky and get it cheap with a couple of goes or you lose your money and the items your bidding for.

    Call me old fashioned but I would prefer a real auction set up with standard auction rules.

  48. Dave says:

    Is there anyone ouit there that can say a good word on behalf of ( biddi . com ) like every one i am waiting for numerouse items but i have had a cheque so some good news there then got it to the bank befor it bounced
    Surley by now trading standards should be well in control of this company. makeing sure they are trading correctly i have also seen plenty of names appear all the time when a big item comes on people like
    ( African Queen, Scummer, innit2winit, enaj, max_b1dbuddy, Merlynms, nevergiveup, BS, SAM ALAN, ZiggyKate, Hebbes hwerry2011,Killer,olithechef, strategyuser )
    These are just a few of the names that are always on line and bibbing are you real or fiction ???????
    you also need to make comments about biddi this is not a slateing but people need to know

    Regards To all

  49. Dave says:

    Just been watching biddi ( ewkyap ) started with bid buddi and never renewed it final bid £2.76 and it won ?????????( ewkyap ) total pay out £4.75 but bid £138.00 total out lay £142.75 is this a genuine site

  50. eric says: is a joke i won my items in july everytime i ring up i get told what i want to hear and then it doesnt arrive i spoke to them 4 weeks ago and they promised i would have them for xmas for presants and its now the 22nd december so it looks like my family wont be getting anything for xmas its a scam how can they put 21 working days and its took them 6 months up to now and still no sign ive spent thousands with them but i tell you now i will be going to tradenstandards after new year there a f—-king joke

  51. Lilian Smith says:

    I too have used many times. I believed it to be a genuine site yet items I paid for on 1st October have still not been delivered on 3rd January. Also at least two items I won very easily/cheaply (rare) were suddenly not available any more so under their terms and conditions all one gets is a refund of ones bids and payment (very suspicious).They obviously sell items they don’t actually have. I have stopped bidding on biddi but am still owed more than 30 items won in October/November/December. More fool me for continuing to bid believing their stories of trying to rush my orders. At least six items won and paid for in October were meant as Christmas presents for my grandchildren so even though I am a pensioner I had to buy alternative presents because they didn’t deliver any of them. Still waiting. Anyone else had to wait this long or had items that were no longer available? If so please let me know at as I am considering legal action and would like to know if anyone would like to consider joint action.

  52. eric says:

    I’ve just looked on the biddi site and they have shut down. They owe me over 100 items. I’m going to a Solicitor tomoz. They’re a f***ing joke.

  53. gadget says:

    @eric Thanks for the update. Please read the update comments on the original article. Please publish your own experiences here for others to see.

  54. Daniel Simpson says:

    Some really interesting stories on here, looks to me like anything else in the beginning it was good, I myself made a good few quid from items by strategically bidding on quieter items, but I knew something was wrong when they took longer and longer for delivery of items. Cash flow was clearly an issue and its like any business. Once customers deminished due to long waiting times then cash flow became an issue. A sure sign of this was the way they only did cash / bid pack auctions towards the end. I had a quick look yesterday and it looked extremely poor, looked today and there is a message.

    Eric / Lillian really sorry to hear you never received your items. If it helps I know Biddi used to order there goods through Pixmania (I know this as I sold loads of stuff on ebay and to get an idea of price I used to google the product descriptions – they were always identical to the Pixmania site), maybe it would be worthwhile contacting them? Not sure what they would tell you, but I suppose you could ask if they still use them? If they are still ordering items then hopefully it is a sign that you will recieve your goods at some point and if not, then you know there is something definately wrong??

  55. gadget says:

    Alternatively, they may have simply copied the product descriptions.

  56. A.K.Barter says:


    I am also one the loser’s on ZIGGYKATE, they have sent me about 35 items but i am outstand about 135 items i have had more promises over the past few weeks, I feel sorry for everyone
    who have not received there items , although it is a battle and winner takes all , your all deserve your winning items, i feel that this scam may have been in progess since the middle of last year and came to a head about August when monies were not covering outgoings, I was quoted tems and conditions on every negative email I sent, but they flouted them all the time, customer services role out the same drivvle every time I call, i have started paypal chargebacks. here hoping to get something back, also I have email AOL.CO.UK. for not showing due dilligence to this company, because they were the first instant why i went to the site. but I complain earlier last year to them, maybe they could answer some questions. I do hope i have got this all wrong .BIDDI.COM PROVE ME WRONG.

  57. RAF says:

    Waiting over 2 months for dvd player. This is Biddi office phone no 01216439988.

  58. matdog says:

    Has anyone been contacted yet? Ive sent numerous E-Mails still no response, think Ive lost all my items and cash now but still can hope, they did send me about £220 of vouchers I won just before X-Mas but still waiting for alot of stuff.
    I had a good run and I did receive all my won items up to the start of October 2010 but very little since just those vouchers.
    I think they started with good intentions but it went all wrong somewhere as I never had any problems up till October but I did have to wait about 6-8weeks for my wins to actually be delivered.
    Well if any one does here anything please post it

  59. Janis says:

    I paid for a sony e-reader on 28th November 2011 and I’m still waiting for its delivery!

  60. gadget says:

    Has anyone contacted Trading Standards yet?

  61. A.K.Barter says:

    Hello all users

    Just a note i have started a forum on there are many other user there killer, brandy315, elijahdragon, phoenix, enaj and others, they too have not received there item. Please visit this site for more information. This site tracks all penny auctions round the world. Also I still have not received any of my items, 135 plus ZIGGYKATE and my wife LITTLEPOOH.

    Regards to all users

  62. A.K.Barter says:

    Hello all users,

    This is the lastest email from trading standards

    Dear Mr B*****,
    Thank you for your email.

    All the information about standards of trading in Portsmouth that comes to our attention is collated for intelligence purposes. This is used to target our resources on taking intervention activity concentrating on issues that cause significant personal or community detriment, have immediate safety implications or are deliberate acts of fraud. This means that we will not necessarily actively investigate every complaint that is reported to us.

    If you wish to explore your rights of redress and receive advice on the steps you need to take to achieve this you should contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or online at

    Finally if you are interested in learning more about your consumer rights or helping others in your community to become informed and confident consumers, then you may wish to become an Edge volunteer. For further information please contact us at or telephone 023 9283 4689.

    Yours sincerely
    A*** M***

    This does not fill me with hope with the authorities, I look on consumer Direct , and could not find anything to help me, I am going to my bank today to see if they can help me, and the final stop will be the police !!

    I will keep you informed. ZIGGYKATE

  63. A.K.Barter says:

    Hello all users

    This is the latest email i have recieved from today 1st February 2012

    Dear Mr Barter

    Thank you for your email and patience..

    Please note that your family members will need to email in individually with all order numbers for outstanding wins and purchases.

    We are currently looking in to your account a member of the customer support team will Be in contact with you shortly.

    Please bear with us as we appreciate your patience during this time.

    Kind regards


  64. matdog says:

    Yes, I have contacted them, but there is not much that can do at the moment due to the fact things still look ligament at present to them, the parent company KSB trading Ltd are still running and have capital in the business (not enough to cover the goods) but still trading nevertheless, and the fact they have been trading since 1974 they say that is a good sign that they may return! All they can do is wait to see what happens to them which is not great for all us waiting for items. I guess all we can is wait to see if they do return and honour all the outstanding wins!!!!!!

  65. matdog says:

    Wow, I have a response today, it was a generic E-Mail but it might mean someone is still there, crossed fingers with my stuff getting delivered

  66. A.K.Barter says:

    I posted a comment this morning, and they were very quick in removing it , quite fast. some of my comment last over a day. I thought they would not be active over the weekend , but they must have been watching this morning , very surprised they are quick enough to remove are comments yet take day to reply to are emails, the jist of my message was , they have now wasted another seven days to put a chargeback in, but i have to say the moment i saw there closing message , i went straight to paypal to try and some monies back, i also believe we will not get any items that we have now won, the authorities seem to be innept to do anything about this , i have contacted my bank and am waiting to get a claim letter through for the past 120 days, somehow i think i might hit a brick wall here, but if i do get a result it will be happy days, my biggest regret was telling my daughter about this, but i will personally will cover her losses, i have done all my workings out, we have won 217 items in total, received 45 items, and are owed 172 items, i am a bit of a gadget freak and like new techno items, also base on my outlay bids and postage for 217 item the cost works out to £33.48 this will tell how much we have invested in, if i get nothing more back each item would have £154.38 not quite a bargain. still we win some and lose some. I have accepted that we will not get anything else from them, but i will not stop fighting for our rights, good luck to one and all.

  67. Jigsaw says:

    Has anyone tried visiting them?

  68. Dan says:

    @gadget maybe so, but it was too much of a coincidence that all the items that were listed were all from the pixmania site, even random ones like particular models of camera etc.

    Also all their goods had european / 2 pin plugs which also backed up that they came from France etc…..

  69. Jigsaw says:

    on following has been added by a member

    got a phone call off Biddi today, they told me the 52 items am waiting for are NOT going to come, they offered me the post back and the price of the auction item, a tolal payment of £355.00, and thats it, bids are lost, my items add up £4450.00.
    I think am sick, not sure what to do, think we all need some help.

  70. Albie73 says:

    I got a phone call there giving us the money back what the auction ended at plus delivery but the auction we paid full price for there sending out I’m not having itif they can’t give us items I’ve won I don’t want items I paid full price for I’m owed over a 100 items what are worth over 20 grand it’s theft what they are doing if you used a visa debit card you have 120 days to do charge backs so be quick good luck albie73

  71. shaun says:

    I put some money in my account through paypal and can’t get hold of it and would like my money back. Can you give me some advice or e-mail address- It’s not alot of money just the principle.

  72. gadget says:

    You have 43 days to raise this with PayPal so I’d suggest you contact them ASAP.

  73. albie73 says:

    looks like biddi have gone for good now the phones was of all day today so we prob wont get a penny back now so lets just hope are banks give us it back albie73

  74. kay says:

    i am also with an been speaking with them on phone about half an hour ago they have confirmed they will be paying cheques to everyone who is owed goods the money will only be for cost of bids u spent and delivery, but i have contacted trading standards who have said this is wrong an they are in breach of there contracts, they have to honour the bid so therefore they have to give u full amount of price of item u won ie:phone won cost £500 u paid £28+£10 delivery total £38 want to refund you £38 but in actual fact trading standards state they have to pay you the cost the phone is valued at or if thats not in stock a phone of similar value or they are breaching there contracts, i did say to when are u opening again they said within 10 days,so i said therefore dont you think people are not going to trust you again if this happens??she said yes obviously thats the price the company has to pay for this error….hmmm me thinks are maybe going bankrupt and are tiying up loose ends,leaving us with nothing i have spent nearly 6 grand with these and am still waiting for items i won last june,i won 28 items ive had 8 delivered so watch this space an good luck guys i keep u informed.

  75. Loopylass says:

    Hi all
    I just came across this site. Was having a nose at Biddi complaints. I have to just say I am the wife of Crypton. He was definately a real bidder and did NOT work for Biddi. I hated him using the site, it was so addictive and although he did win a lot of items, he also wasted a hec of a lot of money too. Thankfully for me he finally saw the light when items began taking longer and longer to be delivered and he was owed a number of items that hadnt arrived. He cancelled his membership not long before the site went down.
    I was so pleased when the site stopped as I was dreading he’d return to it, its so addictive. It might not be technically classed as gambling but it can be just as destructive.

  76. andrew johnson says:

    hi my name is andy , i have been bidding with biddi up until dec 2011 and am still waiting for items as far back as september.they have told me i will only get the final price and postage. i did win a cash prize of 75pounds in december2011. they said they sent the cheque at the beginnig of january but it got lost in the post. now they say they cannot issue me the cheque now and instead is giving final price and postage. i am seeking legal advice and have tryed to contact watchdog and local birmingham press. i am livid.

  77. Richard Webb says:

    Hi All,
    I was the username WEBBYBOY and won a lot of items over many months being a member. All was good until I i upped my bid packages and won goods for Xmas 2011 in October. Prior to this I had received all my items, however all the items won in October 2011 have never been received and I am now fed up with the constant excuses and e mails that all now appear to be generic from
    I am no longer getting any responses from biddi and wonder what else I can do. Any ideas would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me if you can.

  78. marcus says:

    nothing and not happy!!!

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